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Strategic Plan Updates

Visibility Initiative

The Visibility Initiative has drawn on a comprehensive strategy to increase the visibility and awareness of the university among all of our constituents.  There are two areas of focus for this

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Belonging Initiative

This initiative aspires to create a sustainable Culture of Belonging where all faculty, staff, students and alumni feel connected to the TWU community across all campuses. The ideals guiding this

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Innovative Academic Programs II

The article from last week regarding the Innovative Academic Programs initiative ended with the identification of three programs that will be moving rapidly toward implementation. This week’s

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Construction camera added

Construction and renovation projects continue on the Denton campus, and a new camera allows you to peek at the progress of the latest project, the new science research building under construction at read more



Digital Dexterity achieved!

Congratulations to the individuals who earned certificates of Digital Dexterity at this year's School of Tech. Employees with digital dexterity are collaborative, agile, analytical, innovative and read more



Call for nominations — Chancellor's Alumni Excellence Award

The TWU Office of Alumni Engagement is now accepting nominations for the Chancellor’s Alumni Excellence Award. Awarded each year in the fall, this honor recognizes TWU graduates who have made read more

Anderson named co-investigator

Mary Anderson (chemistry and biochemistry) has been named co-investigator on a $65,000 annual grant funded by the Welch Foundation.The Anderson Lab (TWU) will collaborate with the Cundari Group

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Patterson, Brewer awarded grant

Houston faculty members Mindy Patterson (nutrition & food sciences) and Wayne Brewer (physical therapy) have been awarded a $180,862 grant from Ingredion

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IRB workshop to focus on Cayuse

The Denton Institutional Review Board (IRB) will conduct a workshop 9-11 a.m., Thursday, June 27, focusing on how to submit an application in Cayuse. The workshop is open to all faculty, staff or

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Denton Campus
  • Philip Yang (sociology) and Marco Mena (PhD student in sociology) recently published “Recent Trends in American Attitudes toward the Level of Immigration” in Ethnic Studies Review. Yang and Jesse Patrick (former MA student in sociology) also recently published “Health Insurance Coverage Before and After the Affordable Care Act” in Sci, and Yang published an article “Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965” in 25 Events That Shaped Asian American History, edited by Lan Dong. Yang and Michaela LaNay Wilson (PhD student in sociology) presented a paper titled “Explaining Personal and Public Pro-Environmental Behaviors” at the 7th Annual International Conference on Architecture, Civil, & Environment Engineering in Singapore, May 27-28, 2019.


Dallas Campus
  • Faculty Ombudsperson Linda Rubin will visit the Dallas campus on Monday, July 1. The Provost’s office on the 2nd floor will serve as her office for the day. Drop by the office or contact her for an appointment at or 81-2605.


Houston Campus
  • Peggy Landrum (nursing) presented two lectures at the 2nd Annual International Conference in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, May 16-17, during the Vietnam Cultural Immersion Study Abroad program in May. Her presentations were titled "Communication: Social Work Network: Building Connections" and "Social Work and Patient Outcomes: Making a Difference with Education."


James Lytle (business) was a featured expert in a story about credit card use published on (06-26-19)