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Help TWU reach full compliance

By law,100% of TWU employees who use computing resources for at least 25% of their job must complete security awareness training by August 31, 2022.

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New ERP on the horizon for Texas Woman's

A new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) service on the horizon at Texas Woman’s will change several business processes but should make work easier for everyone in the end.

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On-the-go Wi-Fi safety: 5 tips for smarter travel

Whether you plan to explore the United States on a road trip, hit the beach in the Caribbean, tour a castle in Europe, or hike in South America, these five Wi-Fi safety tips will keep you secure throughout your journey.


Use 10 digits when dialing

Now that all employees are on RingCentral, it is critical that everyone uses 10-digit dialing to place successful calls.

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Employee Changes? There's a form for that

IT Solutions offers a RingCentral ticket form to make any move smooth.

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E-Waste Roundup slated April 20

Bring your old or broken electronics to the TWU Denton campus during the E-Waste Roundup.

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Spring 'Ask the Experts' resources available

Resources are available for those who were unable to attend the spring round of "Ask the Experts."

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'Ask the Experts' is back

“Ask the Experts” returns in March, so take the opportunity to learn more about TWU technology and processes.

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Information security awareness survey opens

The TWU Information Security survey is a short questionnaire for faculty, staff, and students about their cybersecurity habits and knowledge.

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Standards changed for TWU-owned devices

To meet security and compliance standards, IT Solutions (ITS) has made changes to standards that impact employee use of Texas Woman’s-owned devices.

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