Global Perspectives (11-20-19 update)

The goal of the Global Perspectives initiative is to “increase global perspectives through faculty exchanges, enrollment of international students, education abroad, and international collaborations.”


Transfer Student Success (11-13-19 update)

The Transfer Student Success initiative, tasked to design innovative approaches to ensure support for TWU’s transfer students, began its work in Fall 2018.


Process Efficiencies (11-13-19 update)

The Process Efficiencies Initiative (PEI) kicked off in Fall 2019 with the goal of championing continuous, user-centered process improvement at Texas Woman’s University.


Visibility (11-06-19)

We introduced a new TWU logo, athletics mascot, Pioneer plaid and Boldly Go! Tagline since August 2017.  And in just the past month, we introduced a new and already popular “Pioneer Pomegranate” ice cream at Beth Marie’s Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Store on Denton’s town square. 


Healthcare Professionals (11-06-19 update)

The Healthcare Professionals champions and team have developed a framework for enhancing and promoting health professions. The primary goal of this initiative is to address the shortage of healthcare professionals.

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Purpose & Skills (10-30-19 update)

When the champions met to launch this initiative, our first agenda items was to brainstorm a new, less cryptic name.

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Talent (10-23-19 update)

The objective of the Talent initiative is to create a comprehensive university strategy to attract, acquire, develop, and retain diverse talent necessary for long-term university success.

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Belonging (10-23-19 update)

The Belonging initiative committee began last fall by defining belonging in a university setting and identified six components of belonging at TWU.

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Innovative Childcare Solutions (10-16-19 update)

The charge of the Innovative Childcare Solutions initiative is to develop sustainable solutions that address student childcare needs within the context of academic success.

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Purposeful Partnerships (10-16-19 update)

The Purposeful Partnership Initiative contributes to Texas Woman’s vision by establishing and strengthening our strategic relationships with current and potential collaborators beyond campus.

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