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In the News: Wouter van Erve

Wouter van Erve (political science, Denton) was quoted in a Dallas Morning News story on bills before the Legislature that have different approaches to revamping civics education across the state.

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In the News: Carine Feyten

Chancellor Carine Feyten was included in “7 Books Highly Recommended by Successful Executives."

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In the News: Lisa Huffman

Lisa Huffman (College of Professional Education, Denton) co-wrote an opinion piece supporting a proposal to create a program that would deliver tutoring to students in high-need schools throughout the state.

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In the News: Sandee Mott

Sandee Mott’s (athletics, Denton) recognition as the Women’s Collegiate Gymnastics Association Administrator of the year was included in a “Briefly TWU” posting in the April 9 Denton Record-Chronicle.

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In the News: Rebecca Fredrickson, Barbara Lerner

Rebecca Fredrickson (teacher education) and Barbara Lerner (undergraduate studies and academic partnerships) are pictured in a photo accompanying a story about the expansion of TWU's Pioneer Promise expansion with Little Elm ISD.

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In the News: Suzi Rumohr

Suzi Rumohr (Denton, library) was quoted in a March 21 Denton Record-Chronicle story, “Denton’s big cleanup is coming in smaller doses this year.”

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In the News: Tracy Irby

Tracy Irby (Center for Women Entrepreneurs, Denton) wrote a column, “Everyday items you probably didn’t know were invented by women,” which was published in the March 16 issue of the Denton Record-Chronicle.

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In the News: Tracy Irby

Tracy Irby (Center for Women Entrepreneurs) was interviewed for a March 11 NBC5 segment on StartHER grants for women-owned businesses in Texas.

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In the News: Katherine Landdeck

Katherine Landdeck (history) was interviewed for a March 8 Good Morning America segment on the Women Airforce Service Pilots.

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In the News: Carine Feyten

Chancellor Carine Feyten was quoted in a March 3 Denton Record-Chronicle story on reaction to Texas teachers becoming eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccines.

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