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Information security awareness survey opens

The TWU Information Security survey is a short questionnaire for faculty, staff, and students about their cybersecurity habits and knowledge.

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Standards changed for TWU-owned devices

To meet security and compliance standards, IT Solutions (ITS) has made changes to standards that impact employee use of Texas Woman’s-owned devices.

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Tools for managing employee tech info

Managing information is a continuous process, and IT Solutions has developed some tools to make this task easier for departments.

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Take measures to protect personal info

Identity Theft Awareness Week is Jan. 31-Feb. 4, and TWU Information Security encourages Pioneers to take preventative measures to protect your identity and personal information.

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Data Privacy Week focuses on keeping information secure

Data Privacy Week (Jan. 24-28) is focused on spreading awareness about online privacy and educating citizens on how to manage their personal information and keep it secure.

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Google Shared Drive self-creation restored

The self-service creation of Google shared drives is now available.

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'Ask the Experts' resources available

If you missed the Ask the Experts sessions in December, you can still access the information provided.

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IoT devices and how to secure them

IoT devices can make lives convenient and personalized, but without proper security in place, they potentially can be exploited by cyber criminals.

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TX-RAMP goes live in January

If you enter or renew contracts to receive cloud computing services in the new year, expect the process to take more time.

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SPSS code renewal in progress

The university’s renewal of SPSS is in progress. IT Solutions expects to receive the new code before the end of the calendar year.

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