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In the News: Ling Hwey Jeng

Ling Hwey Jeng (Library & Information Studies, Denton) was quoted in an Oct. 28 Texas Standard story about how to address issues related to fake news and disinformation.

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In the News: Rupal Patel

Rupal Patel (Physical Therapy, Houston) discussed diabetes management in an interview on The Healing Pain Podcast.

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In the News: Jorg Waltje

Jörg Waltje (Center for Faculty Excellence, Denton) was quoted in an Oct. 25 Businesswire story, “New Meta-Analysis Demonstrates ‘The ACUE Effect’: Quality Teaching Drives Significant and Positive Student Outcomes.”

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Nursing faculty attend AAN policy conference

TWU Nursing faculty Peggy Landrum and Sandra Cesario (both Houston) attended the American Academy of Nursing (AAN) annual policy conference Oct. 27-30 in Washington, DC.

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Bogardus, co-author receive $2 million grant for study

Jennifer Bogardus (Physical Therapy, Houston) and a co-PI have received $2 million in funding to study the effects of moderate exercise in pediatric patients with diseases affecting the aorta.

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Molecular biology class unlocks DNA secrets

Something surprising happened in the 2021-22 molecular biology class. The students actually made discoveries of several unique DNA sequences.

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In the News: Katherine Landdeck

Katherine Landdeck (Social Sciences & Historical Studies, Denton) was quoted in an Oct. 21 Ventura County Star story, “Ventura Veterans Affairs clinic named for trailblazing female pilot who ‘pushed the limits.’"

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In the News: Randi Miller

Randi Miller (Athletics, Denton) was mentioned in an Oct. 18 Minnesota Now interview with TWU student Nari Miller, a member of the university's Wrestling team.

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In the News: Tracy Irby

Tracy Irby (Center for Women Entrepreneurs, Denton) wrote a column, “Center for Women Entrepreneurs expands role in educating women,” that was published in the Oct. 18 issue of the Denton Record-Chronicle.

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In the News: 'The Forgotten Nine'

“The Forgotten Nine,” artists from Texas Woman’s history, were featured in an Oct. 14 KERA story, “Meet ‘The Forgotten Nine,’ unsung women artists from Denton who trailblazed modernism in Texas art.”

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