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TWU publishes 17th edition of Ibid.

Months of research, writing, rewriting, editing and polishing paid off for those students with the publication of the 17th edition of Ibid., the annual journal of the Texas Woman's University History Department.

"We've had students who published their work in Ibid. and then they've been cited by other scholars," said Aubri Thurmond, TWU history lecturer and Ibid. faculty advisor. "They really have the opportunity to contribute to the historical narrative and the conversation between scholars. It's a really neat experience and a wonderful opportunity for students."

This year's Ibid. features nine essays (two by one author) that explore the intersections of history, society and culture in such topics as Black-owned newspapers and their use of Christian rhetoric, book reviews focused on the American West, the creation of Arlington National Cemetery and an inquiry into whether or not Brown v. Board brought about integration for all public schools.