When and how to email a mailing list

Mailing Lists FAQ


When should I email a mailing list?

Employees are encouraged to consider the most appropriate and effective means to share information:

  • A number of communication tools are available to the university.
  • Announcements that target all employees should be sent to for publication in Note that the submission deadline is noon each Tuesday.
  • Academic departments may send their announcements to the Provost’s Office for appropriate distribution.

When appropriate, you may send a message to a University Announcement TWU Listserv (mailing list) for distribution. Emails sent to university announcement lists will be reviewed by moderators.


How do I request a message to be sent via a university announcement listserv?

1. Create a new email message

2. Draft the message exactly as you would like it to be sent

3. Copy the appropriate university announcement list address(es) in the BCC field:


Why hasn't the moderator received my message?

Most often, this means the list name included “-request” — only the lists named above should be used for sending messages out. 


Who moderates the university announcement lists? 

A list of moderators is maintained in this Knowledge Base article


Will I be notified if my message was released? 

The current mailing list system doesn’t offer this feature. Following up with the moderator(s) for the list(s) is best if you are not a member of the recipient list(s). 


Where can I learn more about mailing lists? 

Visit the Service Center’s Mailing List collection of articles or watch this video