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Use Google to sign on to systems

To modernize technology infrastructure, newly implemented systems are built with Google authentication for single sign-on, and ITS has moved some existing systems to Google authentication as well. 


What does this mean for you? 


When you access Canvas or Bridge, you need to be logged on to your Google account. Most often, you’ll see an error when trying to access these systems because you are logged into the browser with a non-TWU Google account. 


Fastest way to login? 

Create a Chrome profile. You can use an incognito or private browser window, but some features in these systems won’t work if you’re incognito.  

To keep things interesting, some Google authentications require extra steps: 

Be sure to navigate to links from direct sources rather than using saved bookmarks. Too often bookmarks rely on cookies or connections that won’t exist with the upgraded Google authentication. If in doubt, clear your cookies and your cache.