Use 10 digits for internal calls

To ensure call forwarding and to support all faculty and staff working both on and off TWU campuses, all faculty and staff are asked to make and transfer internal calls using the receiver’s full 10-digit TWU number (Ex. Denton: 940-898-xxxx, Dallas: 214-689-xxxx, Houston: 713-794-xxxx).


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I make/transfer a call using 10 digits?

Between Denton and Dallas campuses, call directly or transfer using 9 + 10 digits. If dialing Houston, use 9+1+10 digits.

Houston campus calling Denton or Dallas should use 9+1+10 digits. Houston campus calling internally to other Houston faculty/staff may use 9 + 10 digits.

RingCentral users may call any faculty/staff using their full 10-digit number.

ACD users may call any faculty/staff using their full 10-digit number.


Do I need to enter a long distance code when calling another campus?

No, long distance codes have been temporarily disabled to accommodate all telephony situations. If you’re prompted to enter a long distance code, please contact the Service Desk and provide them the calling number. 


I am working on campus. Can I still make or transfer a call to a colleague using their four- or six-digit extension?

Maybe. The call may not connect. To ensure call forwarding, it is best to use the full 10-digit number to transfer calls. ACD users will have issues calling four- or six-digits extensions.


I am working off campus. How do I call a colleague?

Faculty and staff have various solutions depending on their situation. To ensure call forwarding, it is best to use the full 10-digit TWU number to make calls.


I’m on a trial of RingCentral. How do I call other TWU internal extensions?

The RingCentral trial is not connected to our current voice systems (PBX and ACD). To reach other TWU extensions or to transfer calls to other TWU extensions, enter the full 10-digit number to establish the call. If you are using RingCentral while working remotely, continue to do so even if you return to work on campus.


I want to use RingCentral and I see the application icon on my desktop. How can I use it?

TWU participated in a trial of the RingCentral’s voice-over-IP solution to accommodate certain departments as they quickly transitioned to teleworking. IT Solutions pushed the desktop application to all machines on campus; however, since it was a trial version of RingCentral, RingCentral accounts were not provided for all TWU faculty and staff. The application on your desktop is not active until registered with an official TWU RingCentral account.

IT Solutions is currently evaluating RingCentral for an anticipated implementation for all three TWU campuses. Until our infrastructure has been tested and an official plan and timeline is in place, we are temporarily postponing any new user, department or group additions to the RingCentral trial system.


Thank you for your continued flexibility as IT Solutions supports varying telephony needs across our campuses.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the TWU Service Desk by calling 940-898-3971, web chatting at techchat.twu.edu, submitting a ticket online, or emailing at servicedesk@twu.edu.