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RingCentral quick tip: Single Sign-On

RingCentral requires "Single Sign-On" using TWU's Google authentication. FYI - Your account is a Google account with the same password as your Portal password (even if you don’t use Google for TWU).










Follow these instructions to sign in to RingCentral desktop app: 

  1. Open RingCentral App on computer and click Single Sign-on
  2. Enter TWU email address and click Submit
  3. Enter TWU email address and click Next
  4. Enter password and click Sign in

To use the web version of RingCentral:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click Single Sign On, enter TWU email and password
  3. In the upper right corner of the screen click the cube grid icon
  4. A dialog box appears. Click Web App

The RingCentral app opens in another browser window. 

Having trouble logging on? Clear you cache, close and reopen your browser and try again using SINGLE SIGN ON.

Do NOT use a personal GMail address to sign in. You must choose SINGLE SIGN-ON and then log on with your email address when you see the Google login.


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