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Oracle Cloud (ERP) project updates

As previously announced, Texas Woman’s University is implementing a new ERP. Currently, Texas Woman’s uses a variety of solutions to meet the needs of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) service. Most notably, these include Oracle e-Business and Ellucian Colleague. As the university looks to the future, we want to streamline services and solutions wherever possible while shrinking actual costs and costs of ownership. 

An ERP is a single solution to manage day-to-day activities and operations of the university, including budgeting and finance, human resources and hiring, student services, and much more.


Project Team

The project leadership team is comprised of employees from many departments: 


Executive Leadership

Jason Tomlinson (Finance & Administration, Denton) and Cori Trevino (IT Solutions, Denton)


Business Leadership

Amy Hall (Human Resources, Denton), Melanie Ramirez (Controller’s Office, Denton), Rana Askins (Finance & Administration, Denton), Nancy Cinnater (Procurement Services, Denton), Nelson Lee (Finance & Administration, Denton), Kettida Vasiknanon (IT Solutions, Denton)


Project Leadership

Asadul Haq (IT Solutions, Denton), Kazi Rahman (contractor, IT Solutions), and Heather Davis (IT Solutions, Denton)


Project Timeline

The project team has completed the initial mobilization and design phases and is working on the first round of process mapping. The project currently is on target for the anticipated go-live of Budget, Finance, and Procurement in late August/September 2023. Human Resources will go live between September 2023 and January 2024.


Shifting Mindsets for Modernization

Moving to the cloud requires a shift in mindset. For a successful cloud adoption, we need to make transitions in our ways of thinking:

  • From static design for “What if …” to Versatile design for “Why not …”
  • From optimizing when possible to Continuously optimizing and innovating
  • From adapting the technology to you to Adapting to the technology
  • From IT working at the direction of the business to IT and the business collaborating


Benefits of Working in the Cloud

With change, it’s important to understand the advantages of the change. While we currently use Oracle e-Business, it is an on-premises solution. Moving to a cloud-based ERP will provide many benefits, including:

  • a more transparent and productive system
  • stop manual, time-consuming processes
  • level-up productivity and reduce costs
  • integrate workflows and processes
  • provides valuable data and insights
  • 24/7 availability and mobility
  • data security and disaster recovery


What Will Change? 

Technology will change, of course, and the move to a new ERP allows Texas Woman’s to modernize its processes and better empower its employees.