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Make formatting a piece of cake

Below are some useful keyboard shortcuts to save time when formatting documents. In addition to the keyboard shortcuts listed, many programs have a Paint Format feature that copies all of the formatting and applies that formatting to another selection of text. 


Ctrl/Cmd-B                             Bold

Ctrl/Cmd-I                              Italics

Ctrl/Cmd-U                             Underline

Ctrl/Cmd-X                             Cut

Ctrl/Cmd-C                             Copy

Ctrl/Cmd-V                             Paste

Ctrl/Cmd-Z                             Undo

Ctrl/Cmd-Y                             Repeat formatting

Ctrl/Cmd-K                             Insert a hyperlink

Ctrl-Alt-V/Ctrl-Cmd-V           Paste special Microsoft

Ctrl-Shift-V/Cmd-Option-V  Paste special Google