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Make formatting a piece of cake

Check out some useful keyboard shortcuts to save time when you’re formatting documents:


  • Ctrl/Cmd-B    Bold
  • Ctrl/Cmd-I      Italicize
  • Ctrl/Cmd-U    Underline
  • Ctrl/Cmd-X    Cut
  • Ctrl/Cmd-C    Copy
  • Ctrl/Cmd-V    Paste
  • Ctrl/Cmd-Z    Undo
  • Ctrl/Cmd-Y    Repeat formatting
  • Ctrl/Cmd-K    Insert a hyperlink
  • Ctrl-Alt-V/Ctrl-Cmd-V   Paste special Microsoft
  • Ctrl-Shift-V/Cmd-Option-V   Paste special Google

Many programs also have a Paint Format feature that copies all the formatting and applies that formatting to another selection of text.

  • Learn more about Format Painter in Microsoft
  • Find more information on Paint Format in Google. Click “Copy ext formatting (paint format) under “More paste options.”