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Information Technology Exceptions policy added

All users of TWU Information Resources are expected to adopt and adhere to information technology University Regulations and Procedures and security controls. However, TWU also recognizes there may be urgent business needs or academic pursuits that require deviations from these policies, standards, and procedures.

University Regulations and Procedures (URP) 04.797: Information Technology Exceptions, recently published to the University Policy website, provides a process that documents an information resource owner’s request for an exception to an information technology URP, security control, standard or procedure, or an exception for personally owned devices for telecommuting use.

As mentioned in the policy, exceptions are temporary. They will only be granted for issues with no near-future alternative or permanent solution. All requests will need to document alternatives that have been exhausted.

All employees are encouraged to familiarize themselves with this URP. All information technology exceptions will need to be documented via the forms provided in the URP. Procedures also are detailed in the URP.