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Information Security Awareness Training Update

A total of 338 employees* have completed Information Security Training since supervisors were notified of the requirement on April 23. Twelve departments** are at 100% compliance:

  • Alumni Engagement
  • Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies & Academic Partnerships
  • Audit Services
  • Bursar’s Office
  • Campus Alliance & Resource Education
  • Center for Faculty Excellence
  • Chancellor’s Office
  • College of Professional Education
  • Dean of Business
  • Houston Center
  • Procurement Services
  • Reading Recovery

By law, 100% of TWU employees and contractors who use computing resources for at least 25% of their job must have completed the security awareness training by June 1. The university currently* stands at 64 percent compliance.

TWU is relying on supervisors to get the word out to their employees about information security training.


*As of May 5
**As of May 1