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Employee tech offboarding: Best practices for a smooth transition

Employee offboarding is a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of the employee lifecycle. A well-executed offboarding process not only ensures a smooth transition for departing employees, but also contributes to a positive university image and can even lead to potential rehires or referrals. 

Departments are owners and experts of onboarding/offboarding their employees.

The first step to a successful offboarding is a well-planned onboarding and gathering department-managed information about employees and their TWU-provided assets (information, hardware, software, email, shared drives, etc.). IT Solutions strongly encourages department leaders and their administrative support staff to make a copy of the Department Administration Template and begin to fill it in. (Requires an login. After copying, download to use in Excel.) This document should be reviewed when employees change roles and at least once annually to keep content accurate.

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