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Employee Changes? There's a form for that

Is an employee moving offices? Moving to another department? Leaving TWU?

IT Solutions offers a RingCentral ticket form to make the move smooth! 

Who should use this form:

  • If someone is leaving, you decide what should happen to the extension or voicemail
  • If you are moving departments, coordinate with the department you are leaving, and the one to which you are moving, to determine the best course of action
  • If you are not moving departments, but moving physical location
  • If you are taking your number with you or moving to a new number 
  • If messages should be rerouted until replacement/rehire
  • If applicable, moving or replacing phone
  • If you manage a RingGroup (desk phones that ring) and/or a call Queue and the employee change affects those

Did you know? When you submit a ticket to IT Solutions, you can request that contacts be added to the ticket so everyone receives updates.