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E-Waste Roundup recycle recap

The numbers are in! TWU faculty, staff, students and community members came together to divert 1,504 pounds of electronic waste (e-waste) from landfills during IT Solutions’ E-Waste Roundup event in April. This is the most e-waste collected since the start of this event! Our recycling partner, Computer Crusher, detailed the following waste that was recovered from donations:

  • 43 lbs toxic metals
  • 42 lbs lead
  • 31 lbs aluminum
  • 411 lbs steel
  • 1.25 lb arsenic
  • Plus 2,096 lbs of GHG emissions reduced

Thank you to all recyclers for participating in this year’s TWU Earth Week event. Recycling electronics responsibly reduces environmental impact and ensures safe and effective destruction of data on used electronics.

If you were unable to participate last month, Computer Crusher welcomes recyclers year-round to their facility in Denton. Drop off information can be found on their website.