Data Privacy Week 2023 is Jan. 22-28

Texas Woman’s University, a proud Data Privacy Week champion, recognizes and supports the principle that all organizations share the responsibility of being conscientious stewards of personal information.

Data Privacy Week is an annual expanded effort from Data Privacy Day, taking place Jan. 22-28. The goal of Data Privacy Week is to spread awareness about online privacy among individuals and organizations. The goal is twofold:

  • Help citizens understand that they have the power to manage their data
  • Help organizations understand why it is important that they respect their users' data  


Data: The Story of You

All your online activity generates a trail of data. Websites, apps, and services collect data on your behaviors, interests, and purchases. Sometimes, this includes personal data, like your Social Security and driver's license numbers. It can even include data about your physical self, like health data. Think about how a smartwatch counts and records how many steps you take.

While it's true that you cannot control how each byte of data about you and your family is shared and processed, you are not helpless. In many cases, you can control how you share your data with a few simple steps. Remember, your data is precious, and you deserve to be selective about who you share it with. Start by managing your privacy settings on devices and popular services.

For more information and additional resources regarding Data Privacy Week, visit the TWU Information Security website.