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Considerations for file storage and sharing

TWU offers Google My Drive and Shared drives to all faculty, staff, and students. Storage in Google Drive is free and unlimited. When creating Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, or Forms to share with others, consider:

  • Location, location, location! Files in My Drive are owned by one person and can be lost if that person leaves TWU. Files in Shared drives can be owned by a team or group so that ownership can be easily transferred or shared. 
  • To delete or not to delete — that is the question. Since Google offers free unlimited storage, think before deleting. Is anyone else using that information? Is that item linked to other documents or elsewhere?
  • What is the transition plan? Does your team or department have a business process in place to manage information as employees are hired or leaving? Having conversations and a written plan makes for better planning and easier role changes. 

TWU offers two options for file storage. See File Storage and Sharing Options: Google Drive vs. X drive.

Departments and teams planning business processes for document retention should consider the State of Texas records retention schedule. 

From our friends at the TWU Library: 

State of Texas Records Retention Schedule

Records Retention Management