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Avoid common threats when using passwords

Many people are aware that they need to use strong, long passwords or passphrases to secure their accounts. However, it's become increasingly tempting for users to reuse that "strong" credential on multiple accounts to make life a little easier.

Security best practices universally recommend users have unique passwords for each application and/or website, but passwords are still too commonly reused or shared among family and friends. This opens the door for attackers and gives them a single key to access multiple accounts.

Attackers can easily acquire a collection of usernames and passwords from a breached website or service, and with the knowledge that passwords are often reused and recycled, attackers will try to use these credentials to access other accounts. If you use the same password and username combination for your bank account, email and favorite online store, consider all could be compromised if one is breached.

When it comes to credentials, variety is essential. Password managers are available and can be helpful when it comes to managing the various credentials you use.

For more tips to avoid common cybersecurity threats, visit the TWU Information Security website.