Jonathon Olsen

Jonathon Olsen (history & government) was interviewed on a Jan. 9 “What Really Happened” podcast titled, “The Marvelous Mrs. Merkel.” Olsen and host Andrew Jenks discussed Angela Merkel’s tenure as

Nancy Bocskor

Nancy Bocskor (Center for Women in Public Policy) was quoted in a Jan. 9 article on the “unlikeability” factor for women politicians. She also was quoted on the “likeability factor” in a

Carlo Pezzimenti

Carlo Pezzimenti (adjunct music professor) was featured in CBS DFW and Denton Record-Chronicle stories on his invitation to perform at the Vatican over the holidays. Pezzimenti reflected on the

Katherine Landdeck

Katherine Landdeck (history) is featured in “Women During World War II” which aired Jan. 5 on CSPAN’s American History TV. The segment featured a class Landdeck taught on the ways in which American

Aaron Elkins

Aaron Elkins (library and information studies) was quoted in a KTRH 740 AM radio interview regarding a national story on the damage screen time may have on an adolescent’s brain. The interview aired