Photo courtesy of Jana Ramirez

Students brave stormy weather to finish final exam

Some of Cynthia Gill’s (communication sciences) students made quite an impression on her with their ability to concentrate when the storm is (literally) raging around them

Gill and her language disorders in preschool children students were on Zoom as the students took the final exam July 30. The class is made up of more than 100 students located across the state. One student in West Texas lost electricity and finished the exam on her phone. Another student finished his exam in the dark after his electricity went out, hoping his computer battery would last, Gill said.

Still another student, Jana Ramirez, watched as a storm roared past her window. “I had to close my blinds and plug my ears,” she said. After finishing the exam, she drove around and saw that the high winds had caused serious damage to an RV park less than a mile from her house.

“My students are fearless and full of the pioneering spirit,” Gill said. “They do whatever it takes!”