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In the News: Danielle Phillips-Cunningham

Danielle Phillips-Cunningham (Multicultural Women’s & Gender Studies, Denton) was interviewed multiple times after the United States Supreme Court issued its ruling overturning Roe vs. Wade.

Phillips-Cunningham was interviewed by Dallas-Fort Worth television stations WFAA, CBS 11 and NBC 5 and by radio station KRLD. The topic for the interviews was how the court's decision would impact women, particularly those of color.

Links to the interviews:

The Roe vs. Wade discussion was just part of the way Phillips-Cunningham has stayed busy the past couple of weeks. She also co-authored a two-part article about Quakertown published June 18 in The Washington Post.

Part 1 is titled “Juneteenth started in Texas. So did this Black town. Whites destroyed it.” Part 2 is titled “White racism brought down a Black community. Will there be reparations?