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Faculty/staff presentations highlighted — October-December 2023

Texas Woman's University faculty and staff extend the prestige and reputation of the university through their presentations at international, national and regional conferences. Here is a sampling of their work reported October-December 2023.

Note: Information on presentations should be submitted no later than one month following the event date.



Mariana Floran presented “Ni de aqui, ni de alla (Not from here, not from there)” at the Latinx Leads Fall 2023 Conference in New Orleans Nov. 17-19. 


College of Professional Education


Azucena Verdín, PhD (HDFSC) presented "Enacting Transformative Research Praxis in Childhood Studies with Theories of the Flesh" in collaboration with UNT's Early Childhood Justice Collaborative at the Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Education (RECE) Conference in Manchester, U.K.


Azucena Verdín, PhD (HDFSC) presented a research roundtable titled "El fuego de mi espíritu Ometeotl: Reclaiming the Words and Ways of Our Ancestors Through Circulo Liberation Praxis" at the National Latinx Psychological Association (NLPA) 2023 Conference in Chicago.


Lisa Huffman, PhD (COPE), Gina Anderson, EdD (COPE), Rebecca Fredrickson, EdD (Teacher Education), and Sarah McMahan, PhD (Teacher Education) presented at the fall meeting of the Teacher Education Council of State Colleges and Universities, held Oct. 1-3 in St. Louis.




Jonathan Olsen, PhD (Denton) organized and led a seminar for political scientists, “The Zeitenwende: Foreign Policy and Beyond,” at the German Studies Association Conference in Montréal, Canada.


Language, Culture, and Gender Studies

Angela Rodriguez Mooney, PhD, presented “Desafiando las convenciones: representación de la alegría y resiliencia trans en el cine brasileño” at VII Congreso Internacional Historia, Literatura y Arte en el Cine en español y portugués (CIHALCEP 2023) Nov. 22 in Salamanca (Spain). November 22-24, 2023.


Angela Rodriguez Mooney, PhD, presented “Defying conventions: Representation of Trans Joy and Resilience in Madalena.” at South Atlantic Modern Language Association (SAMLA 95) Nov. 10 in Atlanta, Ga.


Library and Information Studies


Ling Hwey Jeng, PhD was the keynote speaker at the 3rd Annual Conference of LIS and Practice, held Dec. 8-9 in Taipei, Taiwan. The title of her speech is “One Person, One Library, Impact on Sustainability.”


Amy Lanier, MLS presented “Trigger Warnings in Book-related Facebook Groups as Information Grounds” at the Multidisciplinary Information Research Symposium (MIRS 2023) at UNT.


Ling Hwey Jeng, PhD gave a presentation entitled “Rethinking Training for Librarians in Community Engagement,” at the Network of National Library of Medicine (NNLM), on the staff development day, Nov. 13, 2023.


Lee, H. J. (2023) Emphasis on difference: Ethnic and national cultural heritage identities and issues in East Asia focusing on Korea cases. International Conference on Cultural Heritage (ICCH 2023). Los Angeles, USA, October 30-31, 2023.


Tara Zimmerman, PhD (Denton) presented “Bridging the Literal Gap to Develop New Research Partnerships” at the 2023 Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE) conference held Oct. 2-5 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Literacy and Learning


Amy Burke, PhD co-presented research in a presentation titled "A Systemic Functional Multimodal Discourse Analysis of the Depiction of Families Formed Through Adoption in Two Picturebooks" at the Literacy Research Association annual conference. She also co-led the Children's and Young Adult Literature study group.


Lin Moore, PhD (Literacy & Learning) and Elaine Zweig, PhD (CDEE 2009) presented a research study, "A Cross-cultural Study in Taiwan and Texas of Pre-Service Educators' Beliefs About Children's Play," at the International Conference on Education, Research, and Innovation in Seville, Spain.


Mandy Stewart, PhD, Douha Abbasher, Monica Hughes, Maria Lopez, and Melanie Aguirre (Project LEAMOS and Multilingual and Multicultural Studies graduate students) presented at the Literacy Research Association Conference: Supporting biliteracy in English-medium classrooms.




Ellina Grigorieva, PhD, presented a 30-minute talk titled “Controlled Lotka-Volterra Competition Models in Adaptive Therapy of Cancers” at the Big Brain 2023 conference on Dec. 7.




Mikyoung Lee, PhD, presented findings from two research projects at the 2023 Global Korean Nursing Foundation-USA Annual Conference held Dec. 8-10 in Chicago: "COVID-19 Impacts on Health Care Access and Health Promotion among Korean-Americans" and "Health Literacy Educational Competence and Cultural Competence among Korean Nurses." Dr. Lee received the Best Abstract Presentation Award.


Nutrition & Food Sciences


Wesley Tucker, PhD, gave a guest lecture titled “Dietary Strategies to Reduce the Risk of Stroke,” at UT Health Houston’s 14th Annual Yatsu Day Symposium on Nurturing Brain Health and Preventing Stroke on Nov. 10.


Physical Therapy


Carolyn Da Silva, PhD, presented "Physical Therapy" at the Post-Polio Health International Virtual Town Hall on Dec. 23.


Teacher Education


Teacher Education faculty (all Denton) made presentations at the Consortium of State Organizations for Teacher Education (CSTOTTE) annual meeting held Oct. 8-10 in San Marcos. Karen Dunlap, EdD, and Rebecca Fredrickson, EdD, joined colleagues from other universities to present “Engaging the Community Partnerships with Education Preparation Programs.” Minkowan Goo, PhD, and Laura Trujillo-Jenks, PhD, presented “Leveraging Artificial Intelligence as an Educational Tool to Address Teacher Shortages in Texas.”