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Faculty/staff presentations highlighted — May-August 2022

Texas Woman's University faculty and staff extend the prestige and reputation of the university through their presentations at international, national and regional conferences. Here is a sampling of their recent work.




Tina Gumienny (Denton) and Mohammed Farhan Lakdawala (graduate research assistant, Denton) presented their research, “Characterizing the Genetic and Physical Interaction of the DBL-1/BMP Signaling Pathway with BLMP-1/BLIMP1 Transcription Regulator in Caenorhabditis elegans,” at the 2022 C. elegans Development, Cell Biology and Gene Expression Meeting, held Aug. 11-14 in Madison, Wisconsin.


Mafia Mahabub Rumpa (graduate assistant, Denton) and Adina Zidermanis (intern, Denton) presented at the TORCH XIII Annual Conference at the Botanical Institute of Texas (BRIT) Aug. 10 in Fort Worth. They presented “Native Pollinator Gardens as Sources for Herbarium Collections” co-authored by Mahabub Rumpa, Zidermanis, Anjola Ifagbayiadeniran, and Camelia Maier (professor, Denton)


TWU faculty and students attended the American Society for Virology annual conference July 16-20 in Madison, Wisconsin. Juliet Spencer (Denton) presented “Changes in Cytokine Levels in Breast Cancer are Highly Dependent on Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Status,” co-authored Spencer, Jeff Liu, Hai Hu, Craig Shriver, Stella Somiari; Kiran Hina Tajudden (graduate assistant, Denton) presented "Characterization of G protein-coupled Receptors Encoded by Rhesus Cytomegalovirus," co-authored by Tajuddin, Nathan Vande Burgt, Sushila Pathak, Daniel Streblow, Klaus Früh, and Juliet V. Spencer; Erica Garcia (graduate teaching assistant, Denton) presented "Does Human Cytomegalovirus Promote Treatment Resistance in Breast Cancer?” co-authored by Garcia and Juliet Spencer; Sushila Pathak (research associate, Denton) presented "In vivo model to investigate the role of human cytomegalovirus in breast cancer," co-authored by Pathak S., Garcia E., Kelly C., Underbrink K., Carr J., Bergel M., Spencer J


Akshaya Arva (graduate research assistant, Denton) gave a presentation on her doctoral research, “Determining the effect of stress on the nuclear protein Liat1,” at the 36th annual symposium of The Protein Society, held July 7-10 in San Francisco. Arva was awarded a Protein Society DEI Travel Award to attend the conference.




Shelia Hyde (Denton) presented in a symposium titled “Revisiting Work-Nonwork Boundary Management: Lessons from the Pandemic for the Future” at the 2022 Academy of Management annual meeting Aug. 5-10 in Seattle. She also participated in a caucus on hybrid work arrangements and a professional development workshop as an author in a forthcoming publication of case studies (Global Human Resource Management Casebook, 3rd edition).


Jason Lambert (Denton) served as a panelist for a PDW workshop, “Building Better DEI Practices in Business Schools,” at the Academy of Management 82nd Annual Meeting held Aug. 4-9 in a hybrid format.


Shelia Hyde (Denton) presented her research, “Self-Regulating among Boundary Management Styles: A Typology of Integration and Segmentation Combinations,” at the 2022 Work and Family Researchers Network Conference, held June 22-25 in New York.


David Rylander and Jeffrey Radigheri (both Denton) presented a paper, “Social Media in a Global Crisis,” at the 2022 Association of Collegiate Marketing Educators conference March 3 in New Orleans.


Rama Yelkur and David Rylander (both Denton) presented a paper, “Super Bowl Ad Content: Effects on Likeability Ratings,” at the 2022 International Society of Marketing conference March 23 in Chicago.


Center for Women Entrepreneurs


Stephanie Robinson (Denton) was the featured speaker for the Ladies Luncheon hosted by Palestine Area Chamber of Commerce on July 8.


Stephanie Robinson (Denton) served as a panelist in D CEO magazine’s 2022 Women’s Leadership Symposium, scheduled June 29 in Dallas. Robinson participated in a panel discussion, “Old Habits Die Hard: Releasing What Doesn’t Serve Us and Reshaping Our Normal.”




Katherine Landdeck (Denton) spoke at a Scholar’s Talk & Book Signing event Aug. 4 at the Irving Archives & Museum. Landdeck talked about her book, The Women With Silver Wings: The Inspiring True Story of the Women Air Force Service Pilots of World War II.”


Katherine Landdeck (Denton) conducted a book presentation, Q&A and book signing of “The Women With Silver Wings” May 21 at the Lone Star Flight Museum in Houston.


Literacy & Learning


Mandy Stewart (Denton) was a featured speaker at the Intercultural Development Research Association’s (IDRA) Translanguaging for Social Justice - Power! People! Plan! Building Ecosystems for Equitable Schooling Conference, held June 14-16. Stewart presented on translanguaging in ESL and ELA classrooms. Alexandra Babino, who will begin teaching at TWU in fall 2022, presented on translanguaging in dual language programs.


Victor Lozada (adjunct, Denton), Kay Piña and Jorge Figueroa (Provost’s Office, Denton) presented “Sustaining Culture and Language through Music: Latin American Culture in US. Schools at the ELLME 22 – Early Language and Learning and Multilingual Education International Conference, held June 22-24 in Granada, Spain.


Mandy Stewart (Denton), Holly Hansen-Thomas (Provost’s Office, Denton), Victor Lozada (adjunct, Denton) and Mariannella Nunez (PhD graduate) shared ELLevate grant research at the European Conference on Literacy, held July 5-8 in Dublin, Ireland. The two presentations were taken from published works: “Translingual Disciplinary Literacies: Equitable Language Environments to Support Literacy Engagement” and “Language, Literacy, and Love: A Critical Framework for Teaching Adolescent Emergent Bilinguals.”


Jennifer Quong and Sharla Snider (both Denton) presented “Tinkering with STEAM: Why and How to Build Your Own Classroom Tinker Station to Support Brain-Based Learning at Home” at the Texas Rising Star Early Educator Conference, held July 7 in San Antonio.




Ellina Grigorieva (Denton) and Evgenii Khailov presented “Optimal strategies for combining drug and oncolytic virus therapies in a cancer treatment model” at the Differential Equations and Optimal Control international conference June 7-9 at the Steklov Mathematical Institute RAS, Moscow.




Sandra Cesario (Houston) served as a “catalyst speaker” for the Zetema Project on Aug. 9. Her topic was “Improving the Health and Cost Outcomes of Pregnancy.”


Sandra Cesario (Houston) gave the president’s address at the opening of the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) National Convention held June 26-29 in Aurora, Colorado. She also hosted the president’s party with the theme of “Around the World: Cultural Expressions and Connections” for the more than 2,200 members in attendance. During the conference, Cesario also presented two posters: “Voices Silenced by the Analysis: Reproductive Decision-Making of Black Women Living with HIV” and “Women Seeking Diagnosis of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.”


Wyona Freysteinson (Houston) presented two workshops at the American Holistic Nurses Association’s 42nd Annual Conference June 6-11 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She presented a four-hour workshop, “Enhancing self-love & acceptance: Transforming the experience of mirror-viewing;” and a 90-minute workshop, “Ontology of person: A holistic nursing perspective Enhancing self-love & acceptance.”


Catherine Mbango and Brenda Moore (both Houston) presented at the 3rd Building Capacity for Nursing and Midwifery Leadership in Africa Conference held June 8-10 at St. Paul’s University in Limuru, Kenya. Mbango served on the planning committee and presented at the conference. Moore presented virtually on Low Resource Simulation. The conference, “Leading, Teaching, and Learning During COVID-19 Pandemic: The Future of Nursing Education.” was held in collaboration with the TWU Center for Global Nursing and the Medical Benevolence Foundation (MBF).


Sandra Cesario (Houston) was an invited speaker for the second annual Texas DNP Conference held June 9 in Lubbock. Her presentation is “DNP and PhD: Bridges, Collaborations, and Advancement of the Profession.”


Sandra Cesario (Houston) presented the welcome address on day two of the AWHONN (Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nurses) Texas Section Conference held May 19-21 in San Antonio. As president of AWHONN, Cesario also represented the organization at the 67th American College of Nurse Midwives Annual Meeting & Exposition held May 21-25 in Chicago.


Nutrition and Food Sciences


Bruce Perkin (adjunct, Denton) was a guest on a May 5 podcast, “The fuzzy front end of product development.” The podcast, from IFT (the Institute of Food Technology) involved discussion of the difficulties that occur at the beginning of product development, and how important it is for consumers to connect with a product.