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Faculty, staff publications highlighted — April-June 2024

Texas Woman’s University faculty/staff are leaders in their fields, with an extensive list of publications to their credit. This quarterly report provides a sampling of their recent work, reported April-June 2024. Names of TWU faculty/staff/students are in bold.

Note: Information on publications should be submitted no later than one month following the publication date.


Accounting & Finance


Choi, S., Li, Z., Boonme, K., & Ren, H. (in press, 2024). Face-to-face, online, or HyFlex instruction? The effects of self-directed learning on stress release and student satisfaction among emerging adults. Journal of International Education in Business.




Temiloluwa Olaoluwa, DiAnna Hynds, PhD, Camelia Maier, PhD, and Dayna Averitt, PhD. Euphorbia Bicolor Phytochemicals Reduce Oxidative Stress, Inflammatory Mediators, and Pain Signaling in a Rat Model of Burn Pain. Journal of Pain 25(4):12-13.


Jamie J Shah, Couger A. Jimenez-Jaramillo, Zane R. Lybrand, PhD, Tony T. Yuan, and Isaac D. Erbele "Modern In Vitro Techniques for Modeling Hearing Loss" Bioengineering 11(5): 425.


Qingtian Li, Haiyang Yu, Wenwen Chang, Sunhyun Chang, Michael Guzmán, Lionel Faure PhD, Eva-Sophie Wallner, Heqin Yan, Thomas Greb, Lei Wang, Ruifeng Yao, David C Nelson. (2024 Apr 1) "SMXL5 attenuates strigolactone signaling in Arabidopsis thaliana by inhibiting SMXL7 degradation". Molecular Plant 17(4):631-647.


Literacy and Learning


Amy Burke, PhD, Aimee Hendrix-Soto, PhD, and Mandy Stewart, PhD, served as editors of The English Journal March issue, themed Perspectives and Possibilities.




Shalom AnyiamJennifer Woo, PhDBecky Spencer, PhDListening to Black Women's Perspectives of Birth Centers and Midwifery Care: Advocacy, Protection, and Empowerment. Journal of Midwifery & Women’s Health. April 30, 2024.


Social Sciences & Historical Studies


Katherine Landdeck, PhD, published an article entitled “Dora Dougherty Strother McKeown, Women Airforce Service Pilot in World War II” in the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History.


Visual Arts


Julie Libersat co-authored a book chapter with Adetty Pérez-Miles and Kevin Jenkins entitled "Libretto in Four Acts: Tactics for Art Walking in Public Spaces," that was recently published in the book Pedagogical Propositions: Playful Walking with A/r/tography. Book Two: Essays, co-edited by Rita L. Irwin, et al.