Faculty attended Academic Chairpersons Conference

A group of current and prospective faculty leaders across all three TWU campuses attended the Academic Chairpersons Conference Feb. 8-10, in New Orleans. Educators learned best practices and innovative strategies from a network of established leaders in higher education while also getting to know each other across campus and departmental boundaries. 

Attendees sponsored by the Center for Faculty Excellence and the Office of Faculty Success included: 

  • David Gardner (Computer Science)
  • David Rylander (Business)
  • Pamela Baker (Business)
  • Brandi Falley (Mathematics)
  • Cheryl Thaxton (Nursing, DAL)
  • Joy Spadachene (Nursing, DAL)
  • Aleatha Rossler (Nursing, DAL)
  • Asha Vas (Occupational Therapy, DAL)
  • Chris Bolinger (Communication Sciences and Oral Health)
  • Mindy Menn (Health Promotion & Kinesiology)
  • Anna Magie (Fashion Design & Merchandising)
  • Kathleen Davis (Nutrition and Food Sciences)
  • Nasrin Mirsaleh-Kohan (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
  • Emarely Rosa Dávila (Social Work)
  • Susan Quisenberry (Nursing, DAL)
  • Deltra Muoki (Nursing, HOU)
  • Katy Mitchell (Physical Therapy, HOU)
  • Parker Hevron (Political Science)
  • Jörg Waltje (Center for Faculty Excellence)

Additional attendees included: 

  • Erika Armstrong (Health Sciences)
  • Noralyn Pickens (Health Sciences)
  • Alyssa Fiss (Physical Therapy, DAL)
  • Charlene Dickinson (Communication Sciences and Oral Health)
  • Alison Brockett (Communication Sciences and Oral Health)
  • Catherine C. Lynch (Communication Sciences and Oral Health)