Work begins on Hubbard renovation

On April 5, the contractor hired for work on the Hubbard Hall student union project will secure the construction site, including the addition of fencing surrounding the building. The work will affect

Dallas Digest, 4-4-18

TWU’s photographer, Michael Modecki, wants to collaborate with TWU faculty members in Dallas to showcase a fresh look for the university in various classroom environments. Photos taken will be

Denton Details, 4-4-18

Melissa Trainer, an environmental chemist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, will present "Chemistry on Mars: The Search for Habitable Environments with Curiosity" at noon Friday, April 13 in

Houston Happenings_04-04-18

Patricia Bowyer (occupational therapy) co-authored an article for The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy titled “The Clinical and Classroom Utility of the Inventory of Reading Occupations: An

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