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Pre-COVID-19 file photo

Student stories wanted for commencement

Commencement ceremonies at Texas Woman’s University traditionally have included stories of some students’ paths to graduation highlighted in the chancellor’s speeches. While our December drive-thru graduation events won’t feature the usual speeches, there still are ways to feature some remarkable 2020 graduates on the Commencement 2020 website and in social media.

If you have a wonderful story to share about an August or December graduate — accomplishments, success despite obstacles, connection to our strategic plan (i.e., veterans, women’s leadership, health), etc. — email with the student’s name, email address, and a sentence or two about what makes this student stand out. The achievements of these students do not have to be related to COVID-19; we are looking for a variety of stories, including those. (May graduates are not included in this call, as many great stories about them were shared previously.)

Marketing & Communication will review the information submitted and will contact those graduates to be featured. You do not need to contact the student ahead of time.