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CWG hosts session on conventions

The JNIWL Center for Women in Government will host "Back to Basics: Conventions" at 7 p.m. on Feb. 15, a virtual session featuring Kay Parr, President of the Texas Democratic Party County Chairs Association and Robin Wilson, Director Region 7 of the Texas Republican County Chairmen's Association/Johnson County Republican Party Chair.

"The Center for Women in Government is nonpartisan, so we seek experts from each major party," Center for Women in Government Director Marlene Phillips said. "In this case, they've both been active in their party's convention process. We'll hear about their personal experiences while learning what actually happens at conventions, who goes, how to get involved and the overall significance of conventions. This is an accessible, welcoming environment to take a look behind the curtain of party politics."

The “Back to Basics” series is civic education programming designed to provide background information on topics important to women, with sessions combining basic facts on a political concept, position, or event, followed by an expert speaking on current events surrounding the concept.

The CWG has a full slate of programs available to everyone planned throughout 2024.

Registration is open for upcoming JNIWL CWG events. For virtual programs, a Zoom link will be provided on the registration confirmation email.