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'Bragging encouraged' in completing self-appraisals

If you haven’t started the Self Appraisal and Performance Evaluation process, now would be a good time: Self-appraisals are due by Friday, July 23.

All regular full- and part-time staff employees hired prior to May 1, 2021, are required to participate in the process. The review period covers June 1, 2020-May 31, 2021.

Tony Yardley, director of employee relations, HR compliance and equity, advises staff employees to put their best foot forward to their supervisors.

“Bragging is encouraged! Therefore, employees should take the opportunity to think through the tasks, projects, obstacles, and victories over the whole review period and remind their supervisor of their accomplishments,” he said. “Supervisors need this information from employees to have a more accurate picture when they develop their reviews.”

The Office of Human Resources has provided online training to help employees and supervisors with the Self Appraisal and Performance Evaluation process. Use of Chrome or Firefox browsers is recommended.

The system is designed for staff employees and those managing staff employees. It is not intended to be used to evaluate faculty, adjunct faculty, graduate assistants, student employees or temporary employees.

Contact Yardley at or 940-898-3563 or Amelia Grimes at or 940-898-3553 if you need assistance.