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Plan ahead for self-appraisal process

Self-Appraisals and Performance Evaluations for the 2021/2022 evaluation period for staff employees will open June 1. Self-appraisals are an opportunity for staff employees to reflect on their work and accomplishments in the prior review period and then document and communicate their performance to their supervisors. Questions include topics such as goals, special accomplishments, and professional development. 

Having a hard time remembering what you’ve accomplished this year or looking for additional professional development opportunities? Check out Bridge. Any courses you have completed in either Bridge or LinkedIn Learning will appear in your Bridge account, allowing you to easily list your professional development on your self-appraisal. 

TWU uses Bridge (You must be logged in with @twu.edu email) for access to LinkedIn Learning courses and TWU-specific training. Bridge offers both state-mandated and process training from Risk Management, Human Resources, IT Solutions, Procurement, and others. These departments are adding new courses, so check Bridge regularly for updates! Bridge also is the place to sign up for in-person training offered by these same departments. 

And it’s not too late to do more professional development for this year’s self-evaluation!  A few topics to consider:


Mandatory Training


Texas Woman’s Systems & Processes Training
Facilities Management
IT Solutions


Leadership & Development Training