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A total of 42 Houston nursing students gained additional practice time in an April 3 "boot camp." (Courtesy photo)

Houston nursing students take part in 'boot camp'

Houston nursing students participated in a “boot camp” Saturday, April 3, to gain additional practice time.

Faculty members Brenda Moore and Patricia Dominguez (adjunct) created a Head to Toe Boot Camp, a six-hour event with students attending in two-hour intervals. A total of 42 students signed up to participate.

“The usual practice schedule had been limited this semester because of the freeze and the pandemic,” Moore said. Recognizing the need for students to have additional time to practice assessment skills, she and Dominguez scheduled the Saturday event.

“The students were divided into small groups, then paired into dyads and worked behind curtains with masks in place,” Moore said. “The students and faculty felt that it was time well spent.”