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FMC works to improve processes, services

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way TWU operates, both in the classroom and out. Facilities Management and Construction (FMC) is just one of the departments that has worked hard this past year to improve its processes and services.


Project Requests & Management

In order to provide support and services in a more accessible manner, FMC is eliminating the hard copy (.pdf) project request forms and implementing a new online project requests system.

WebTMA, which currently serves as the online request system for work orders, key requests, and space moves, now will support online project requests. This new online project request system will allow both requestors and approvers the ability to request new space, spatial adjustments, renovations, new construction, or other facility modifications. This process also will enable all new request(s) to be routed automatically through the system and approved electronically by the appropriate AVP/dean and vice president(s). Instructions for entering these requests are available on the Facilities Management Knowledge Base site.


Equipment & Vehicles

FMC has recently established new vehicle and equipment rental rates along with the request forms for the use of some new mobile assets. These mobile assets include the use of golf carts, the new coach bus and the outdoor portable restroom trailer. These forms and rates have been updated to provide departments a means to better budget for these services and to aid in the billing of the rented asset. The forms and rates have been uploaded to the TWU Knowledge Base.


Signage & Banners

In order for FMC to provide the university with a more timely response for name plates, the placement of temporary signage, or the hanging of banners throughout campus, a Work Request must be submitted. The necessary updates have been made within WebTMA to support and track this type of request, which should ensure all requests are properly reviewed and completed in a timely manner. Please note, this differs from a request for permanent signage, which must be submitted via a Project Request.

Contact the FMC office at or 940-898-3131 if you have any questions.