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Deadline nears for Fit&Rec payroll deduction enrollment

Fitness centers on the Denton, Dallas, and Houston campuses make it easy and convenient to work toward your fitness goals. Payroll deduction makes it easy and convenient as well.

Payroll deduction enrollment for Fitness & Recreation memberships is now open for 2022-2023. Faculty/Staff memberships include access to Fitness & Recreation facilities. For the Denton campus, that includes the indoor pool in Pioneer Hall.

Forms are available from – and completed forms should be sent to – Allison Meguro at ameguro@twu.edu. If you’re an existing member with Fitness & Recreation, you only need to return the payroll deduction form – a new membership form is not required.

Payroll deduction memberships will expire May 31, 2023 for fall/spring memberships (nine-month appointments) and Aug. 31, 2023 for annual memberships. The amount of $20 will be deducted from each month’s paycheck beginning Oct. 1, 2022.

The deadline to turn in paperwork is Friday, Aug. 26. Contact the Fitness & Recreation front desk at 940-898-2900 if you have questions.