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March 2021 Pioneer Proud recipients announced

Congratulations to the following individuals who are recognized for going above and beyond their normal duties, and showing their Pioneer Proud spirit:

  • Ginger Bartush (library, Denton)
  • Carolyn Becker (Education Abroad, Denton)
  • Monique Bird (marketing & communication, Denton)
  • Kiara Butler (student life, Dallas)
  • LeJuan Byford (research & sponsored programs, Denton)
  • Melissa Carr (design services, Denton)
  • Stephany Compton (library, Denton)
  • Marli Creeach (Center for Faculty Excellence, Denton)
  • Heather Davis (IT Solutions, Denton)
  • Léa Dolimier (biology, Denton)
  • Kirsten Donohoo (biology, Denton)
  • Veronica Durham (academic advising, Denton)
  • Wandaliz Elder (admissions, Denton)
  • Desiree Elliott (College of Business, Denton)
  • Zach Elsbecker (facilities management, Denton)
  • Woody Evans (library, Denton)
  • Ruby Fabela (ITS, Denton)
  • Sarah Faber (biology, Denton)
  • Anthony Fenton (library, Denton)
  • Angie Fielder (Center for Faculty Excellence, Denton)
  • Carla Fortenberry (human resources, Denton)
  • Elizabeth Headrick (library, Denton)
  • Cindy Howell (teaching and learning with technology, Denton)
  • Anna Hunter (student union, Denton)
  • David Infante (communication sciences & oral health, Denton)
  • Tencha Jackson-Rodgers (health care administration, Houston)
  • Quinn Kimery (library, Denton)
  • Ivan Lee (Center for Faculty Excellence, Denton)
  • Tracy Lindsay (research & sponsored programs, Denton)
  • Chance Maggard (library, Denton)
  • Mehgann Mallory (biology, Denton)
  • Erik Martin (library, Denton)
  • Kendrick McAdams (library, Denton)
  • Detra McFadden (library, Dallas)
  • Caitlen Meza (human development, family studies, & counseling, Denton)
  • Matthew Moore (IT Solutions, Denton)
  • Jennifer Morton-Riggs (library, Denton)
  • Shanda Newton (College of Business, Denton)
  • Tomeka Nolen (IT Solutions, Dallas)
  • Linda PachecoDemski (communications science & oral health, Dallas)
  • Bernadette Pavlich (library, Denton)
  • Judy Pentecost (conference services, Denton)
  • Stephanie Pierce (biology, Denton)
  • Jameelah Ra'oof (Center for Faculty Excellence, Denton)
  • Kristine Reed (library, Denton)
  • Kimberly Richardson (library, Dallas)
  • Melissa Rodriguez (admissions, Houston)
  • Evelyn Rosas (IT Solutions, Dallas)
  • Cindy Snider (library, Denton)
  • David Sweeten (student union & conference services, Denton)
  • Greg Tolle (library, Denton)
  • Corin Walker (IT Solutions, Denton)
  • Wanyi Wang (research & sponsored programs, Houston)
  • Xurong Watson (library, Dallas)
  • Jasmine Wiley (student union, Denton)
  • Michael Wilson (fitness & recreation, Denton)

Thank you for your dedication and service to the TWU community!

The Pioneer Proud event has been a longstanding tradition where the TWU community comes together to recognize the extraordinary efforts of the TWU staff members who go above and beyond their normal duties by helping a student, professor, staff member, or friend of TWU. 

This year will be no different in the recognition of our TWU staff members, but the venue will be virtual.  Mark your calendars: May 5 is Pioneer Proud Recognition Day for the Denton, Dallas, and Houston campuses.

Take a moment to show your appreciation to a deserving TWU staff member by sending them a special Pioneer Proud “Thank You”!