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What's new in research for 2020-2021

The new academic year brings changes to the travel assistance fund, a new publication fund, and an opportunity to apply for affiliate faculty status with the Woodcock Institute:

  • Applications for the Travel Assistance Fund currently are being accepted. Due to current travel restrictions, only requests for registration to virtual conferences will be awarded at this time.
  • The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs also is accepting applications for the new Publication Fund. The funds primarily are intended to allow researchers to pay for expenses associated with publication. Only one award per publication will be funded regardless of the number of authors, with a maximum of $2,000 funded per publication.
  • If your research interests align with the mission of the Woodcock Institute, you’re invited to apply for membership as an affiliate faculty member. Benefits of affiliate faculty status include being invited to a fall and spring virtual meeting to network with other TWU faculty members and share research ideas and establishing a research identity with the Woodcock Institute that may help faculty secure external funding. To apply, download the Woodcock Affiliate Faculty Status Application and email it to woodcockinstitute@twu.edu.