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Volunteers sought for nutrition studies

Would you like to contribute to Texas Woman’s research?  The Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences is seeking volunteers for several ongoing projects. Your participation could play a critical role in the research, and you could even win a prize!


Teens learning healthy eating habits

Do you know an overweight or obese teen between the ages of 13 and 17? The Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences is seeking volunteers for a study and will pay $400 for their participation.

The teen participants will be asked to consume a walnut-based spread for 120 days. Participants also will be asked to complete diet questionnaires, blood draws, and body composition assessments. A total of four in-person visits will be required.

Benefits of the study include:

  • Nutrition education
  • Assessment of whole body composition and visceral fat determination
  • Assessment of endothelial function and health

Participants will receive $400 in partial payments of $200 at midpoint and at the end of their study visit.

Contact Shanil Juma at if you have questions.


Mushroom online survey

What if you could boost your protein and fiber intake with a hint of savory flavor and a smooth texture?

The Food Science and Flavor Chemistry program is conducting an online survey to investigate the importance of sensory, nutritional qualities, and potential issues of mushroom in the current market.

Participation is open to anyone ages 18 and older. The mushroom online survey should take about five minutes to complete. Upon completion, your name will be entered to win one of 20 Amazon gift cards valued at $20 each.

Contact Xiaofen Du at or Thi Diem Thuy Pham at if you have any questions.


Evaluating different proteins on metabolism

Volunteers are sought for a study to examine the metabolic response to consumption of whey vs. cultured (bacterial based) protein vs. glucose. Participants should be:

  • Men ages 18-60
  • Non-tobacco users
  • Normally exercise (less than 30 minutes per day, fewer than two days a week, and less than two hours per day)
  • No milk allergies
  • Low alcohol consumption

Participants will be asked to consume whey protein and cultured (bacterial based) protein powder with and without added carbohydrate. Blood draws are required for analyses. Benefits include free glucose and insulin analyses, free bone scan and body composition analysis, and $150 for completion of the study.

Contact Batul Daginawala at or Shane Broughton at if you have questions.