Knee pain sufferers needed for research

Do you have knee pain? Are you between 45-79 years old? If so, the department of Nutrition and Food Sciences needs you for a research study open to TWU and the general public. Both men and women are being recruited as volunteers, if they are healthy and mobile. Note: The study site is the TWU Denton campus.

This four-month research study looks at the beneficial effet of watermelon in improving joint function and reducing pain associated with knee arthristis.


  • Willing to consume either whole watermelon powder or a powder without watermelon reconstituted in water for a period of 4 months.
  • Blood draws at the start, midpoint (2 months) and at the end (4 months) of the study.
  • Joint flexibility, gait & balance analysis, and vascular health assessments at start of study, midpoint, and end of study.
  • Pain and physical activity will be assessed via questionnaires.

Total time you need to spend for the study is 4 hours 45 minutes over 4 months involving 3 visits.



  • Promotion of knee joint and vascular health
  • Measurements of height and weight
  • Pain and stiffness evaluation
  • Range of motion, gait, and vascular assessment
  • Blood markers of cartilage health will be evaluated

Upon completion, you will receive a compensation of $100 for your time in partial payments of $50 at midpoint (2 months) and final visits.

Interested? Contact Shanil Juma at, 940-898-2704