University to create COVID-19 remembrance page

The following is a message to the TWU Community from Monica Mendez-Grant and Stephanie Brown (student life, Denton):

We understand that this has been a trying year. Many of us individually and collectively as a community have experienced both loss and grief. 

Loss is difficult. And each of us may have experienced loss in our own way. It may be loss of our routine, loss of predictability, and more difficult, may be the loss of a beloved friend or family member. To weather these uncertain times, it's important to acknowledge and grieve routines, social connections, and our sense of security — and then create new ways to move forward. It is important to honor our losses as one way to begin to heal. With the idea of honoring and healing, we would like to offer an opportunity for our university community to reflect and honor a loved one who passed away due to COVID-19. 

We will create a virtual COVID remembrance page on our website to honor our students, faculty, staff, and their beloved family or friends who have passed away due to COVID-19. 

If you would like to honor someone, please complete our form and upload an image along with a few words about the person. In the event that someone’s name is submitted more than once, we will attempt to consolidate submissions. 

We will collect names and information through April 15 and will publish the page soon thereafter. In addition, we will ensure that the names and images published on our site are included in the Chancellor’s “Voices of the Coronavirus Pandemic” collection.