Symposium looks to future of international education

A contingent representing Texas Woman’s is bringing the university’s long history of diversity and inclusion to a global symposium where they hope to engage with thought leaders and further explore how to shape international education for the future.

Annie Phillips Munson, executive director for International Affairs; Jörg Waltje, executive director of the Center for Faculty Excellence; and Carolyn Becker, director of Education Abroad, are attending the inaugural Global Senior Leadership Symposium Dec. 15-16. Chancellor Carine M. Feyten also is scheduled to participate in a presidents’ panel focusing on the future of learning and internationalization.

Only 20 institutions worldwide were selected to attend the event, which provides an opportunity for higher education leaders to collaborate with a global network of peers, explore international strategies from various cultural perspectives and discuss the role of education abroad and global mobility within higher education. The symposium is hosted by EF Education First, The Forum on Education Abroad and The Association of International Education Administrators, in partnership with the Nobel Prize Museum. Symposium participants will have the opportunity to hear from Nobel Laureates during the 2020 Nobel Week Dialogue.

“The theme of the Nobel Week Dialogue, ‘The Challenge of Learning,’ resonates in international education right now as leaders in the field navigate the challenge of engaging university communities in global experiences during a time of restricted travel and a political environment that often leans toward nationalism,” Phillips Munson said. “We see this symposium as an opportunity to examine and expand our perspectives on how ‘global learning’ might be achieved despite current and future constraints.”

She noted that TWU already has started exploring global learning opportunities at home, including virtual exchanges, study-in-the-states among ethnic diasporas and expanding the curriculum to provide a more global perspective for students.

By attending the symposium, she said, “We hope to be inspired by thought leaders and bring back innovative ideas that will help us expand our vision for internationalizing TWU and supporting TWU’s purpose to ‘Educate a woman, empower the world.’ Our ultimate goal is to weave global learning deeply into the fabric of Texas Woman’s University and to ensure the entire TWU community has the opportunity to expand their global perspective, global awareness and global engagement.”

The TWU team also will have something to contribute to the discussion, Phillips Munson noted.

“Texas Woman’s University has a long history of emphasizing the value of diversity, inclusion and belonging for women, commuter students, minorities, veterans, transfer students, first-generation students, online students and nontraditional students,” she said. “We are excited to share the insights we have gained from designing unique and innovative global learning opportunities for TWU’s diverse student population. In addition, our team brings a broad range of expertise, influence and perspectives on how best to expand international efforts through faculty and student engagement as well as university policy.”