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New class of Chancellor's Research Faculty Scholars program announced

The 2023-2024 class of Chancellor’s Research Faculty Scholars has been announced:

  • Ann Amuta, PhD (Health Studies) will be mentored by Lorraine Reitzel, PhD, professor and deputy chair of the Department of Health Disparities Research, MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Adam Jones, PhD (Marriage & Family Therapy) will be mentored by Myrna Friedlander, PhD, professor and director of doctoral training, counseling psychology, University at Albany
  • Chanam Shin, PhD (Nursing) will be mentored by Linda Larkey, PhD, professor, College of Nursing and Health Innovation, Arizona State University
  • Jeffrey Tarr, DMA (Music) will be mentored by Richard Shuster, DMA (Music)
  • Danhui Wang, PhD (Nutrition & Food Sciences) will be mentored by Xiaofen Du, PhD (Nutrition & Food Sciences)
  • Shiru Lin, PhD (Chemistry & Biochemistry) will be mentored by Manal Omary, PhD (Chemistry & Biochemistry)

The program provides support to promising scholars and their mentors to facilitate the completion of a specific project. The objectives are to:

  • Identify faculty who have strong potential for obtaining external funding for research
  • Provide additional research support that will help protégés and mentors succeed in their research agendas
  • Facilitate the building of internal and external partnerships

Protégés who demonstrate a strong potential for research select a mentor who can help them enhance their research program to become competitive for external funding.