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Boudreaux, affectionately known as “Boo,” is the “pandemic pup” of Aimée Myers (teacher education) and her family. Myers says they got Boo after COVID-19 hit, and he “has been the best thing to happen to our family and (was) desperately needed to help us deal with the stress and anxiety of kids doing school from home.” Courtesy photo.

Bring your dog to work Dec. 11

It’s the end of the semester, and Friday, Dec. 11, is your last opportunity this fall to bring your canine companion to your TWU office.

If you want to bring your precious pooch to the office, check first with your immediate supervisor — any decision to allow a pet to come to the office (or not) will be made by your immediate supervisor. Dogs must be fully house trained; pet parents will be responsible for cleaning up after any accidents. See the Pets at Work policy for more duties and responsibilities.