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Faculty, staff publications highlighted — September-December 2021

Texas Woman’s University faculty/staff are leaders in their fields, with an extensive list of publications to their credit. This quarterly report provides a sampling of their recent work, reported September-December 2021. Names of TWU faculty/staff/students are bolded.




(In press) Paramita Basu (graduate student), Dayna Averitt and Camelia Maier (all Denton)

“Euphorbia bicolor (Euphorbiaceae) Latex Phytochemicals and applications to analgesia,” The Neuroscience of Pain, Anesthetics, and Analgesics, Academic Press


Sukhbir Kaur (graduate research assistant); undergraduate students Hanna McDonald, Sirima Tongkhuya, Cierra M.C. Lopez, and Sushmitha Ananth; Taylor Hickman (graduate research assistant); and Dayna Averitt (all Denton)

Estrogen exacerbates the nociceptive effects of peripheral serotonin on rat trigeminal sensory neurons,” Neurobiology of Pain, Vol. 10, August-December 2021




Tyrone Smith (Management adjunct, Denton)

It’s Time to Rethink Job Descriptions for the Digital Era,” Harvard Business Review, Dec. 8, 2021


Dennis John Marquardt, Jennifer Grace Manegold, and Lee Warren Brown (Management, Denton)

(In press) “Integrating Relational Systems Theory with Ethical Leadership: How Ethical Leadership Relates to Employee Turnover Intentions,” Leadership & Organization Development Journal


Na-Eun Cho, KiHoon Hong, and Jongwha Chang (Health Care Administration, Denton)

Do Market Characteristics Matter? Factors Associated with Health Information Exchange,” International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Vol. 18, Issue 22


Anastasia Miller (Health Care Administration, Dallas)

Dinosaurs & Young Bucks: Generational Conflict in the Fire House, Firefighter Lifestyle and Health Crackyl Magazine, Summer 2021


Megan Burke (Business, Denton), Sandra Gates (Business, Denton), John Humphreys

Under review: "The hidden history of Benjamin Montgomery: Slave, manager, and accountant," Accounting History Review


Dong Jun Kim, Ji Won Yoo, Jongwha Chang (Health Care Administration, Denton), Takashi Yamashita, Eun-Cheol Park, Kyu-Tae Han, Seung Ju Kim and Sun Jung Kim

"Does Low Income Effects 5-year Mortality of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patients?,” International Journal for Equity in Health, 20, 151 (2021)


English, Speech, and Foreign Languages


J. Logan Smilges (Denton)

Web Access,” Curve Magazine, Vol. 31, #2




Ellina Grigorieva (Denton) and others

"Lotka-Volterra Controlled Systems in Modeling Biomedical Processes," MAKS Press Moscow,  


Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies


Veronica Popp (GTA) and Danielle Phillips-Cunningham (both Denton)

Nannie Helen Burroughs and the Descendants of Miriam: Rewriting Nannie Helen Burroughs into First Wave Feminism,” Gender Forum, Sept. 2021




Harriet Omondi (PhD student, Houston), Wyona Freysteinson (Houston)

The mirror and obesity: A systematic review on the effects of mirror exposure on behaviour and obese individuals,” Journal of Clinical Nursing, Nov. 5, 2021


Nutrition and Food Sciences


Professor Emeritus Chandan Prasad and Güler Öztürk, editors

COVID-19 and Nutraceuticals, A Guidebook,” Bohr Publishers & New Century Health Publishers, late October 2021


Occupational Therapy


Angela Shierk (Denton), Heather Roberts (Denton), Katherine Dubberly (graduate research assistant, Denton), Marcus Fagan (Research & Sponsored Programs, Dallas), and colleagues from Scottish Rite Hospital

Therapy together: A caregiver led constraint induced movement therapy program for preschool aged children utilizing a virtual environment due to COVID-19,” Journal of Occupational Therapy, Schools, & Early Intervention, Nov. 12, 2021


Asha Vas (Dallas) and students Emily Rich, Carol Hollingsworth and Valerie Boyette

Cognition and Postural Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS): Participant-Identified Challenges and Strategies, and Implications for Intervention,” Occupational Therapy In Health Care, Nov. 20, 2021