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Faculty, staff publications highlighted — July-September 2024

Texas Woman’s University faculty/staff are leaders in their fields, with an extensive list of publications to their credit. This quarterly report provides a sampling of their recent work, reported July-September 2024. Names of TWU faculty/staff/students are in bold.

Note: Information on publications should be submitted no later than one month following the publication date.




Ellina Grigorieva, PhD, had a chapter entitled “Controlled Lotka-Volterra Competition Models in Adaptive Cancer Therapy” accepted for publication in the book BIO-CYBERNETICS to be published in November 2024 by De Gruyter.


Social Sciences & Historical Studies


Ellina Grigorieva, PhDJonathan Olsen, PhD, co-authored (with Michael Hansen) the book, "Political Entrepreneurship in the Age of Dealignment. The Populist Far-Right Alternative for Germany," (Palgrave: 2024).