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Faculty, staff publications highlighted — January-April 2022

Texas Woman’s University faculty/staff are leaders in their fields, with an extensive list of publications to their credit. This quarterly report provides a sampling of their recent work, January-April, 2022. Names of TWU faculty/staff/students are bolded.

Note: Information on publications should be submitted no later than one month following the publication date.




Juliet Spencer (Denton)

Fueling Faculty Funding: Five Tips for Promoting Grant Success in Your Department,” The Department Chair, 32(4):6-7


Paramita Basu (PhD graduate), Dayna Averitt (Denton), Camelia Maier (Denton), and Arpita Basu

The Effects of Nuclear Factor Erythroid 2 (NFE2)-Related Factor 2 (Nrf2) Activation in Preclinical Models of Peripheral Neuropathic Pain,” Antioxidants, 11(2): 430


Sukhbir Kaur (graduate), Taylor Hickman (PhD candidate), Angela Lopez-Ramirez (graduate), Hanna McDonald (graduate), Lauren Lockhart (student), Omar Darwish (Computer Science, Denton), and Dayna Averitt (Biology, Denton)

Estrogen modulation of the pronociceptive effects of serotonin on female rat trigeminal sensory neurons is timing- and dosage-dependent and requires estrogen receptor alpha,” Pain


Rebecca Hornung (alumna), Namrata Gr Raut (alumna), Daisy Cantu (graduate teaching assistant), Lauren Lockhart (undergraduate student), and Dayna Averitt (Denton)

Sigma-1 receptors and progesterone metabolizing enzymes in nociceptive sensory neurons of the female rat trigeminal ganglia: A neural substrate for the antinociceptive actions of progesterone,” Molecular Pain, Vol. 18




Lee Brown (Denton), A. Rasheed, and R.G. Bell

(In press) “How and Why? A review of corporate political activity predictors and actions,” Group & Organization Management


Rigoberto Delgado (HCA, Houston), Anastasia Miller (HCA, Dallas) and Jongwha Chang (Business, Denton)

“Healthcare Utilization Disparities among Lung Cancer Patients in US Hospitals during 2010-2014; Evidence from the US Hispanic Population’s hospital charges and length of stay,” International Journal of General Medicine




Adesola Akinleye (Dance, Denton)

“Dancing Un-Visible bodies,” a chapter in the book Dancing Across the Life Span


Adesola Akinleye (Dance, Denton)

“For Kaydence and her cousins,” a chapter in the book The Arts of Indigenous Health and Well-Being


Language, Culture, and Gender Studies


Angela Rodriguez Mooney (adjunct, Denton)

Los derechos de las mujeres en el bovierno de Jair Bolsonaro: entre las misoginia y la inoperancia,” Revista Con la A, No. 79


Angela Rodriguez Mooney (adjunct, Denton)

“Vocês vieram conhecer o museu?»: A memória em Bacurau como uma prática de resistência e novas representações,” a chapter in the book Joyas Escogidas: Pequeñas (pero grandes) películas en español y en portugués, p. 17-27




E. N. Khailov and Ellina Grigorieva (Denton)

Connecting a Third-Order Singular Arc with Nonsingular Arcs of Optimal Control in a Minimization Problem for a Psoriasis Treatment Model,” Proceedings of the Steklov Institute of Mathematics, DOI: 10.1134/S0081543821050205




Kristine Morris (Denton)

Maintaining the Watch,” AJN, American Journal of Nursing, Vol. 11, Issue 5


Sandra Cesario (Houston) Joan Edwards (Emerita faculty, Houston), et al.

Reproductive decision-making of Black women living with HIV: A systematic review,” Women’s Health, Vol. 18


Rebecca Schultz (Houston), et al.

Seizure Frequency Process and Outcome Quality Measures,” Neurology, April 5, 2022; 98(14)


Jennifer Woo (Dallas) et al.

Vitamin D Supplementation for the Treatment of Depressive Symptoms in Women with Type 2 Diabetes: A Randomized Clinical Trial,” Journal of Diabetes Research, vol. 2022


S.A. Wahid, Swapna Johncy (Houston, adjunct), Sadaf Abbas (Houston, adjunct), and Mikyoung Lee (Dallas)

The Effects of Distraction on Preoperative Anxiety in Preschool and School-Age Children: A Literature Review,” Athens Journal of Health and Medical Sciences, 9(1), 49-70


Swapna Johncy (Houston, adjunct)

Theoretical Perspectives of the Effect of Immunotherapy on the Quality of Life of Cancer Patients,” Athens Journal of Health and Medical Sciences, 9(1), 39-48


Ngozi Mbue (Houston) and others

A Qualitative Analysis to Understand Perception about Medication-Related Problems among Older Minority Adults in a Historically Black Community,” Pharmacy, 2022, Vol. 10, Issue 1


Nutrition & Food Sciences


Shannon Combest (PhD candidate) and Cynthia Warren (Denton)

The Effect of Upcycled Brewers’ Spent Grain on Consumer Acceptance and Predictors of Overall Liking in Muffins,” Journal of Food Quality, Vol. 2022, Article ID 6641904


Occupational Therapy


Vanessa Jewell (alumna), Taylor Wienkes, and Noralyn Pickens (Denton)

Occupation Centered Intervention Assessment (OCIA): A Reflection Tool for Occupation-Centered Practice,” ISBN: 978-1-56900622-1, AOTA Press


Janice Chow, Noralyn Pickens (Denton) Tina Fletcher (Dallas), Mary Thompson (Physical Therapy, Dallas), Patricia Bowyer (Houston)

(Accepted for publication) “‘You’ve Got to Do Something:’ Developing Occupational Therapists’ Role in End-of-Life Care,” OTJR: Occupation, Participation and Health


Physical Therapy


Katherine Froehlich-Grobe, Suh-Jen Lin, et al.

Effectiveness and feasibility of the workout on wheels internet intervention (WOWii) for individuals with spinal cord injury: a randomized controlled trial,” Nature


Sharon Wang-Price (Dallas), et al.

Normalized Hip and Knee Strength in Two Age Groups of Adolescent Female Soccer Players,” Journal of strength and conditioning research: the research journal of the NSCA, Vol. 36, No. 1


Martin Rosario (Dallas), Kaelah Corrigan, Carey Bowman, and PhD student Elizabeth Orozco

(Accepted for publication) “Single Limb Support instability combined with Vestibular and Proprioceptive Alteration in Hispanic Latinx Living with HIV,” International Journal of Physiotherapy


Martin Rosario (Dallas)

(Accepted for publication) “Motor Control Alterations and the Perception of Postural Instability in NonFallers Latinx-Hispanic Adults Living with HIV,” Journal of Public Health Issues and Practices


Suzanne O’Neal and Jodi Thomas (Dallas)

“Relationship of single leg stance time to falls in Special Olympic athletes,” Physiotherapy Theory & Practice, DOI: 10.1080/09593985.2022.2045411


Mary Thompson (Dallas), Gail Poskey (Occupational Therapy, Dallas), et al.

(Accepted for publication) “The Journey: Parental Expectations and Perceptions of Therapy Services for Children with Down Syndrome,” Pediatric Physical Therapy


Emelia Exum (Physical Therapy adjunct, Dallas), Christopher Villarreal (Occupational Therapy alumnus) and Diane Longnecker (PhD student in Health Sciences-Communication Sciences), along with Alan Chong W. Lee and, Annie Gumieny, received the American Physical Therapy Association’s Academy of Acute Care Best Manuscript Award for their paper on telehealth and COVID rehabilitation. The paper is titled “Applying Telehealth Technologies and Strategies to Provide Acute Care Consultation and Treatment of Patients With Confirmed or Possible COVID-19.” 


Katy Mitchell (Houston), Christina Bickley (Houston), Angelina Leis (DPT graduate, current PhD student), and Amy Tsang (DPT graduate)

(In press) “Human Gross Anatomy Laboratory Experiences in DPT Programs across the United States,” Internet Journal of Allied Health Sciences and Practice


Marissa Lyon (DPT and PhD graduate), Ann Medley (Dallas), Toni Roddey (emerita faculty) and Peggy Gleeson (Houston)

(In press) “The impact of standardized balance measurement on physical therapist decision-making in acquired brain injury: a survey,” Physiotherapy Theory and Practice: An International Journal of Physical Therapy


Political Science


Michael Hansen and Jonathan Olsen (Denton)

Sibling Rivalry: Voters for Radical Left Parties and Their Competitors in Germany, Sweden, and The Netherlands,” Party Politics, 28/2, 1-19


Christina Bejarano (Denton) and Wendy Smooth

Women of Color Mobilizing: Sistahs are Doing It for Themselves from GOTV to Running Candidates for Political Office,” Journal of Women, Politics & Policy, Vol. 42, Issue 1




Brianna Paulman, Wendi Johnson (Psychology), Heather Roberts, Angela Shierk (Occupational Therapy) (all Denton)

Cognitive Assessment in Early Childhood for Unilateral Cerebral Palsy,” Communiqué, Vol. 50, No. 7 (Subscription required to read)


Book editors: Daniel Miller (Woodcock Institute, Denton), Denise Maricle (Psychology, Denton), Christopher Bedford, Julie Gettman

Best Practices in School Neuropsychology: Guidelines for Effective Practice, Assessment, and Evidence-Based InterventionChapter contributors include: Daniel Miller, Denise Maricle, Tina Fletcher (Occupational Therapy, Dallas), Wendi Johnson (Psychology, Denton)


Registrar's Office


Kendal Lou Dickson (Denton)

Lie to Me, ISBN 9780578255019


School of Library and Information Studies


Kristen Becker (Denton)

Why the ‘Why’ Matters to Adult Learners,” Faculty Focus, March 21, 2022




Charley Henderson (graduate teaching assistant) and Philip Yang (Denton)

Support for Health Insurance Coverage for Legal Abortion in the United States,” International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 19(1), 433


Teacher Education


Ludovic Sourdot (Denton) and Edward Janak

Turning Public Schools Upside Down: ‘Stranger Things’ as Allegory for the Birth of Neoliberal Education Reform in the United States,” Journal of Thought, Fall/Winter 2021


Woodcock Institute


Daniel Miller and Denise Maricle (Psychology) (both Denton)

The Woodcock Institute and Opportunities for Students, Practitioners, and Graduate Educators,” Communiqué, Vol. 50, No. 7 (Subscription required to read)