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In the News: Giovanni Valderas

The Denton Record-Chronicle mentioned Giovanni Valderas (visual arts) in an article about the mural at the corner of Third Street and Oakland.


In the News: Rhett Rigby, PhD

Several news outlets have mentioned Rhett Rigby, PhD (health promotion and kinesiology) in articles discussing his space design team winning its NASA-sponsored challenge.


In the News: J. Clinton Grant

The North Texas Daily mentioned J. Clinton Grant (aeronautical sciences) in an article about TWU’s new Doswell School of Aeronautical Sciences.

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In the News: Jill Eckardt

The Denton Record-Chronicle mentioned Jill Eckardt (housing and dining) in an article about the university’s plan for on-campus housing.

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In the News: Mindy Patterson, PhD

The New York Times mentioned Mindy Patterson, PhD (Nutrition and Food Sciences), in an article about starches and leftover pasta — "Pasta and Rice May Be Healthier as Leftovers" — published Nov. 8.

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In the News: Anh Dang, PhD

Anh Dang, PhD (Accounting & Finance), was featured in WalletHub's piece about Average Car Insurance Cost.

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In the News: Chalese Connors and Gabby Pringle-Onwunaka

Chalese Connors and Gabby Pringle-Onwunaka (Student Money Management Center) were mentioned in a Nov. 8 Denton Record-Chronicle article about tips for student loan payment — "Student loan payments are here to stay. Local experts weigh in on what to know."