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Summer Benefits Enrollment starts soon

Summer’s coming, and you know what that means!

Sure, it means the heat is coming, but let’s face it — this is Texas. We’ve been at or near triple digits already.

Summer for TWU means Summer Benefits Enrollment, a time to enroll in new benefits programs or make changes to your current coverage. (If you don’t want to make changes to your benefits, you don’t need to do anything during summer enrollment; your current coverage will continue.)

The Employees Retirement System (ERS) designates a two-week phase for each higher education institution and state agency in Texas. This year, Texas Woman’s has been designated June 29-July 11.

To ensure the health and safety of state employees and retirees, ERS and the Texas Employees Group Benefits Program plan administrators will host several hour-long Summer Enrollment webinars instead of traditional fairs.

Changes to your 2020-2021 benefits are effective Sept. 1, 2020, which will be reflected on your Oct. 1 paycheck. Changes to health coverage include:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas will begin managing mental health benefits for all HealthSelect plans. Covered services and member costs will remain the same.
  • HealthSelect participants will save money on health costs and get a financial reward when they shop for and choose lower-cost in-network providers. The HealthSelectERS handout will be included in your summer enrollment packet to be mailed to you this month.
  • Tobacco user status will include e-cigarettes and vaping.

See the Summer Enrollment 2020 page for more information.